Tuesday Night Prayer Service

Senior Pastor Nathan Lino leads a Tuesday Night Prayer Service weekly at 7:00 p.m. in the Forum. Everyone in the community is welcome to attend!

This is a focused time of worship and intercessory prayer. A place where the Spirit of God meets people at their point of need as we cry out to Him. The Holy Spirit is always sufficient for our hurts, longings, disappointments and hopes. None of us fully understands the power of prayer, but we know when God is sought in desperation, He responds.

Join us on Tuesday nights at 7:00p.m. and bring your prayers straight to the Lord.  Children and guests are welcome.

Tips on Fasting from Pastor Nathan

1. I preached a sermon about fasting on Sunday, Oct. 9. In this sermon I explain what fasting is, why we do it, and how to do it.  See video below.

2. In terms of fasting on Tuesdays, each member should decide for themselves what their personal participation in the corporate fast should be, based on their own personal medical condition, physical fitness, season of life, and the maturity of their faith. For example, some of our people might choose to skip one meal and spend that meal time meeting with the Lord in prayer and Bible reading. Others might choose to skip two or three meals and spend that extra time with the Lord. Others might choose a Daniel Fast and only eat fruit and vegetables all day. Others might choose a total fast and not eat any food or calories all day.  But please remember to hydrate.

3. I personally don't eat from after dinner on Monday night until breakfast on Wednesday morning.